ELISE multiplatform system-on-crystal for computer vision systems based on 28 nm process

ELISE processor is a 28 nm multiplatform SoC intended for international video analysis market: smart cities, retail, Internet of Things, augmented reality, multimedia and other applications.

ELISE IC can be used as a basis for IP-cameras with video analysis functionality, multimedia devices and mobile gadgets, communication and navigation devices and robots with computer vision.

ELISE SoC comprises several processor cores used for execution of tasks of varying intensity including a set of IP-blocks for pre and post processing of high definition video streams with stereo image support capability, a 8-core DSP cluster for completing video analysis tasks, a high-performance GPU and a multistandard navigation core.


  • IoT devices

  • video analysis systems

  • retail

  • security

  • communication devices

  • navigation devices

  • industrial electronics 

ELISE was developed in collaboration with ELVEES NeoTek, JSC.

At present ELISE is used in proprietary devices.

Mass production of CNPC ELISE is to be announced later.

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