RACCOON radar system for detection and tracking of ground, surface and air targets

Raccoon radar system was developed for automatic detection of air drones (mini UAVs) as well as ground and surface targets and for coordinate and velocity measuring and target data acquisition by optoelectronic equipment and electronic countermeasure complexes.

Detection range:

  • Small air drones(effective radar cross-section 0.01 m2) —1 800 m

  • Ground and surface targets: humans, rubber boats (0.5 m2) — 4 700 m

  • Vehicles, motor boats (5.0 m2) — 8 300 m


  • Multi-beam receiving antenna

  • Control and data transmission using Gigabit Ethernet interface

  • Target data acquisition for a PTZ video camera and an electronic countermeasure device

  • Compact dimensions and low weight

  • The possibility of integration into third-party software systems

Delivery set:

  • Radar station

  • Power supply

  • Cable set

  • Operator software

  • Dual spectrum PTZ video camera (optional)

  • Directional electronic countermeasure system (optional)

  • Portable electromagnetic and optoelectronic countermeasure complex (optional)

Product is available for preorder. Delivery time: up to 5 months. Terms of payment: 100% advance payment. 

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