NEST Physical Security Information Management system

NEST PSIM — a software for managing and exchanging data in physical security systems.

The increase in the number and variety of engineering systems, security and communication systems entails the need for joint (integrated) automated systems for engineering infrastructure control.

NEST PSIM provides:

  • Functional optimization of all systems taking into account many parameters, which aims among other things at energy efficiency and resource saving

  • Reducing operating costs and the cost of ownership of the infrastructure

  • Increase in the efficiency of business processes, based on interaction with engineering systems and security systems of the enterprise

  • Expandability and flexible upgrading of the solution while in operation with investment protection

  • Decrease in the total cost of the solution due to its compatibility with equipment and systems of a wide range of manufacturers


  • Complex security systems for facilities, adjacent territories and extended perimeters

  • Real-time monitoring of engineering, security  and communications systems

  • Real-time  control of the entire engineering infrastructure of the facilities

  • Monitoring the life cycle of systems, maintenance and repair work

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