Senesys-M security monitoring and management platform

Senesys-M platform allows creating territorially-distributed solutions in the field of complex security of any scale, modifying and expanding the subsystems in the process of operation.

Senesys-M platform integrates:

  • Security and fire-prevention systems

  • Video surveillance, video analytics, audio recording

  • Engineering and special systems

  • Other systems

PSIM CURATOR provides:

  • Optimization of the functioning of all systems depending on many parameters, including energy efficiency and resource saving

  • Reducing operating costs and the cost of ownership of the infrastructure

  • Increase the efficiency of business processes, based on interaction with engineering systems and enterprise security systems

  • Expandability and flexible modernization of the solution in the process of its operation with investment protection

  • Decrease in the cost of the solution as a whole due to the possibility of using equipment and systems of a wide range of manufacturers


  • Complex security systems for objects, adjacent territories, extended perimeters

  • Operational monitoring of engineering systems, security systems, communications

  • Operational management of the entire engineering infrastructure of facilities

  • Control of the life cycle of systems, preventive and repair work

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