MineViewer automated positioning system for personnel and transport

MineViewer system is a hardware-software complex for monitoring and locating personnel on real-time objects in real time, for controlling access and recording time, and for building a single multifunctional security system based on the Senesys-M platform.

​To observe the location of personnel and technology, access control and work time recording, RFID technology using active and passive RFID tags is used.

Main functions:

  • Identification of personnel

  • Location of monitored objects from 2 meters

  • Determination of the direction of movement of monitored objects

  • Two-way communication with controlled objects in an emergency situation

  • Control of the spatial position of objects and vital parameters

  • Control over the content of hazardous gases.


  • Label performance up to 6 months without recharging

  • Range of registration of equipment and personnel up to 100 meters

  • Determination of the direction of movement of personnel to reduce registration terminals

  • Recognition of at least 500 marks in the terminal visibility zone

  • High-speed transfer of autonomous logs of technology on WI-FI

  • Preventing the arrival of vehicles and vehicles on personnel

  • Operational summary information on the location of personnel

  • Automated accounting of working hours and production volume

  • The ability to aggregate information from different remote objects

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