Solution for fuel and energy complex and industry

The energy sector includes facilities for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy of all types.

This includes equipment for water supply (for example, wastewater and wastewater treatment), production, processing and transportation of oil and oil products, including oil fields, refineries, pipelines, and also for chemical industry enterprises.

Such facilities have a common feature: a lack of providing a high level of security can lead to a threat to the health and life of people, the state of the environment, the economy and even state or world security.

Tasks for ensuring the safety of industrial facilities include:

  • Preventing possible terrorist attacks and acts of vandalism

  • Earlier detection and prevention of fires and explosions

  • Timely evacuation

  • Detection of unauthorized penetration into the territory of objects

  • Access control

  • Protection from weathering and extreme conditions

RnD center "ELVEES" has a rich experience in equipping fuel and energy facilities with comprehensive security solutions and offers a full range of solutions and services for such class objects, including special systems and equipment (explosion-proof day / night cameras, infrared projectors, long-range cameras, etc.).

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