Protection against UAV

Solution for protection against unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become popular, their number is growing at a rapid pace.

Most commonly used civil UAVs belong to a small class. They are effective in various fields of activity. For example: monitoring, entertainment, delivery, retransmission of audio and other signals.

Effective use of UAVs follows their danger:

  • Unauthorized monitoring of private and secret sites for the purpose of reconnaissance and receipt of classified information

  • Possibility of collision with small aircraft, damage to ground targets and people

  • Transfer of prohibited substances or dangerous goods

  • Staging of radio interference for various devices

It is necessary to organize and legal regulation of the use of UAV, since organizational measures are ineffective when UAVs are used consciously and knowingly for illegal purposes.

Radar, at the present time, is the most effective means for detecting small UAVs for the purpose of subsequent counteraction.

RnD center "ELVEES" offers a ready-made solution for detection and counteraction of UAV of own development and production.

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