Protection against UAVs

A solution for protection against unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become popular, their number is growing at a rapid pace.

Most commonly used civil UAVs are of the small class. They perform well in such applications as monitoring, entertainment, delivery, retransmission of audio and other signals.

The effectiveness of UAVs bears some risks:

  • Unauthorized monitoring of private and high-security facilities for the purpose of reconnaissance and obtaining sensitive information

  • A risk of collision with small aircrafts, damage to facilities and people on the ground

  • Transportation of prohibited substances or dangerous goods

  • Radio interference for various devices

It is necessary to organize and regulate the use of UAVs, since organizational measures are ineffective when UAVs are used knowingly for illegal purposes.

At present radar detection and ranging is the most effective means for detecting small UAVs and further counteraction.

We offer a ready-made solution for detection of UAVs and counteraction to them of our own development and production.

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